"Bravo! Jacobabad police successfully thwarted an attempt to transport high-tech weapons from Balochistan."


KARACHI: 21 April 2024:  The Jacobabad police had thwarted an effort to transport high-tech weapons from Balochistan into two cars belonging to a well-known political figure in Sindh.
Seven persons, including three police officials and close relatives of a prominent political figure in Sindh, were arrested as a result of the raid, which was carried out by a squad of Jacobabad police following a tip-off near the intersection of the borders between Sindh and Balochistan, according to reports.

Police found a stash of ammunition from two cars the suspects were driving: a double-cabin and a police mobile van. The weapons included a shotgun, a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and 2,350 rounds. They are accused of smuggling weapons and are thought to be from Shikarpur.According to SSP Jacobabad Saleem Shah, the focus of recent police operations has been on stopping illicit activity near borders.

It has been alleged that the weapons found were supposed to be brought from Balochistan into Sindh. A combined interrogation team has been established for additional inquiries, and an investigation has been launched to ascertain who is the owner of the police mobile van that was confiscated.The persons who were taken into custody are Toufeeq Ahmed Gujjar, Akhtar Ali Lashari, Zakir Bhiyo, and Nabeel Bhiyo. They are all related to a powerful  political figure of Sindh. Moreover, police officers mobile in-charge Imtiaz Ali Bhiyo, Sana Ullah, and Baqa Ullah have also been reportedly found involved in the smuggling attempt.

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