15 Years After Sri Lanka's Civil War


Srilanka: 18 May 2024: Today marks 15 years since the end of Sri Lanka's long civil war. But right now, the focus is on the crisis in Gaza caused by Israel's attack. The response from around the world shows a strong desire to protect civilians and address the root causes of conflicts, not just treat them as security issues.

Looking back at Sri Lanka, it's clear that when we ignore mass atrocities and don't fix the underlying problems, things can get worse. There are eerie similarities between what happened in Sri Lanka's Vanni region during the war's end and what's happening in Gaza now.

In Sri Lanka, the military attacked a civilian population along with rebel fighters, causing immense suffering. They even targeted places like hospitals and shelters, despite knowing exactly where they were. Civilians were forced into tiny areas and then bombarded with shells day and night. It was a total disregard for the rules of war and basic humanity.



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