60% of homes in Gaza are abandoned


Palestine: 1 Dec 2023: Following a 242 hostage-taking attack by Hamas on October 7, Israel besieges the Gaza Strip; Western allies support Israel's bombardment of Gaza; UN and organizations denounce Israel's onslaught against Palestinians; worldwide demonstrations ensue. 60% of homes in Gaza are abandoned, while 80% of the population is displaced. In Gaza, 22 of the 36 hospitals are not operating.
A temporary truce that began on November 24 and ends on December 1 will release 240 Palestinian inmates and free 105 hostages.

Senior Hamas leader Osama Hamdan tells media that Israel has been obstructing all attempts to prolong the truce.
"Israel has been acting in a way to undermine the entire process every day for the past seven days of the temporary ceasefire," Hamdan stated.
"We discussed extending the temporary ceasefire yesterday night. We were very clear about some options that the mediators suggested; we accepted three of them, but the Israelis rejected them all."
He declared, "We were and remain positive about all the efforts, but they are being rejected by the Israelis."


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