SAFWCO, SAFCO Support Foundation, and SAFCO Microfinance Company Honor Distinguished Personalities in Knowledge, Literature, and Art


Hyderabad, 20 April, 2024]– SAFWCO, SAFCO Support Foundation, and SAFCO Microfinance Company have initiated a series of recognition events to honor individuals in the fields of knowledge, literature, and art. A special ceremony was held at the Hyderabad Club, with Madad Ali Sindhi, former Federal Minister of Education, serving as the chief guest.

During the event, Excellence Shield Awards were presented to Naseer Mirza, Ali Dost Azim, Qadir Bakhsh Mithu, Professor Muhammad Yar Khawar, and Agha Banda Ali. The awards were conferred by Madad Ali Sindhi, Suleman G. Abro, Dr. Parveen Munshi, Muhammad Ismail Kanbhar, and Zahida Daitho. Additionally, Sulaiman Ji Abro presented bouquets, ajrak, lungi, and other gifts to the distinguished guests.

Welcoming the attendees, Suleman G. Abro stated, "Today, SAFWCO, SSF, and SMCL are recognizing talented individuals who have been honored with the presidential award of the country. Our aim is to bring their innovative thinking and consciousness to the grassroots level and inspire others to emulate them. We believe that such motivational initiatives will foster positive societal change and encourage future generations to excel in their respective fields."

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kunbhar, Chairman of SAFCO Board, commented, "The individuals honored today have also received the Presidential Award from the Government of Pakistan. This ceremony is a tribute to their talents, which we believe represent the collective talent of Sindh. We hope this recognition will inspire others to further develop their skills." Syed Sajjad Ali Shah delivered the welcome speech, providing an overview of the services offered by SAFWCO, SSF and SMCL.

The award recipients, Naseer Mirza, Ali Dost, Mohammad Yar, Qadir Bakhsh Mithu, and Agha Banda Ali, expressed their gratitude and emphasized the importance of such events in rejuvenating the cultural environment, advocating for their continuation.

In his address, Chief Guest Madad Ali Sindhi highlighted the significance of the presidential award, crediting Culture Minister Syed Sardar Shah for the current recognition. He urged critics of the award to recognize its importance, emphasizing Sindh's pivotal role in shaping Pakistan.

Madad Ali Sindhi also commended Suleman G. Abro's efforts in organizing such events and publishing literary works. He called for transparency regarding the allocation of substantial government budgets and urged the Sindhi Literary Society to focus on monitoring institutional performance and addressing internal disputes.

The ceremony was attended by heads of various universities, literary institutes, professors, writers, journalists, and intellectuals.

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