SAFWCO and SAFCO Organizations Celebrate Eid, Honor Founder Suleman G. Abro's Contributions to Social and Economic Development


Hyderabad: 16 April 2024: SAFWCO, SAFCO Support Foundation, and SAFCO Microfinance Company organized an Eid Milan Party and celebrated the birthday of its founder and CEO, Suleman G. Abro. Speaking at the event, civil society leaders praised Suleman G. Abro as a multifaceted personality. They highlighted that he has not only excelled in social work but has also empowered thousands of people to achieve economic independence.
The event, held at the Hyderabad Club, was attended by senior officials from various social organizations and banks, as well as writers, journalists, and intellectuals. They presented Langi, Ajrak, bouquets, and other gifts to Suleman G. Abro.

Expressing his gratitude, Suleman G. Abro said, "We have carried out our work with respect for the people; we need to make more efforts for the betterment of society." He also shared a sobering statistic, saying, "I read a report from an international organization the day before Eid stating that '800 million people in the world will sleep hungry tonight; they will not have eaten dinner.' There are many other issues that make us all miserable. We are doing our utmost to make a difference with our knowledge, effort, and hard work. It is crucial for us to contribute to improving people's lives as they expect from our expertise, thoughtfulness, and concern."

Addressing the participants, Suleman G. Abro expressed his gratitude, saying, "I am thankful for the honor you have bestowed upon me; it has strengthened my resolve. We started from a village, and now we are actively promoting our organization not only in Sindh, Pakistan but globally. We are confident in achieving our goals."

Earlier in the event, Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kunbhar praised Suleman G. Abro's diverse talents. He said, "Suleman G. Abro's personality encompasses social, developmental, and humanitarian dimensions, as well as a strong literary side. His efforts are an inspiration for the people of Sindh. Long before the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in the 1980s, he traveled from village to village, listening to people's problems, striving to solve them, and encouraging them to progress. In 1986, he founded an organization and registered thousands of villages under the 'Gothabad Scheme,' obligating the state to provide education, health, and electricity. This was a significant achievement at a time when most people were unfamiliar with the concept of an 'NGO.'"

Dr. Kunbhar continued, "In 1992, Suleman G. Abro focused on improving people's livelihoods and promoting women's participation in small businesses. He subsequently established the SAFCO Support Foundation and the Agribusiness Rural Finance Institute. After that, he founded the SAFCO Microfinance Company, which is set to evolve into a conventional bank after five years. His vision includes an agro-industrial revolution in Sindh, promoting small-scale agricultural industries to create employment opportunities. His goal is to ensure that 'by enhancing the value of agricultural products through quality improvement and supply chain management, no one in Sindh will go hungry.' True leaders inspire the world and nations with visions that enable these nations to achieve their goals."

Speaking at the event, Syed Sajjad Ali Shah said, "We are supporters of Suleman G. Abro. We are striving to convey his guidance to the people to improve their quality of life and integrate them into the development process."
Abbas Khoso remarked, "The fragrance of the flowers planted by Suleman G. Abro in the 1980s has blossomed everywhere in the form of other small enterprises. Organizing such ceremonies is the best way to honor the benefactors of Sindh during their lifetime."

Other speakers at the event included Zaib u Nisai Mallah, Alina Maria, Bushra, Sabeen Javed, Iqbal Memon, Shaukat Ibrahim Abro, Rafiq Isani, Rauf Chandio, Makhdoom Shahzad, Mukhi Mahesh, Khaleeq Baloch, Farhan Memon, Rameez Iqbal, Hameed Mallah, Ghaffar Chhachhar, Azad Mirwahi, and others. Bashir Ahmad Abro concluded the event by thanking the participants.

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