The body of one of the two missing Japanese climbers has been located at Spantik Peak.


Islamabad: 15 June2024: During a rescue operation on Saturday at Spantik Peak in Shigar Valley, the body of one of the two missing Japanese climbers was discovered. Efforts are ongoing to locate the other climber.

The climbers, Ryuseki Hiraoka and Atsushi Taguchi, attempted to summit the 7,027-meter Spantik Peak in Alpine style without porters. They had reached camp 2 at an altitude of 5,300 meters between Shigar and Nagar districts of Gilgit-Baltistan on Monday. When another Japanese expedition team arrived at the camp the following day, the climbers were not there, prompting concerns.

Subsequently, the expedition was halted, and the team returned to base camp to report the situation. Shigar Deputy Commissioner Waliullah Falahi confirmed today that one climber had been found deceased. "The nine-member rescue team recovered one climber and secured the body. They are now actively searching for the other," he stated.

Naiknaam Karim from Adventure Tours Pakistan also verified the recovery of the body and ongoing search efforts for the second climber. As of the latest report, the identity of the recovered climber has not been disclosed.

DC Falahi mentioned that a nine-member rescue team, including four Japanese climbers, initiated ground operations on Friday morning. They reached camp 2 on Friday evening and remained there overnight. On Saturday morning, the team descended a 300-meter crevice in their efforts.

"The body was found approximately 300 meters below camp 3," DC Falahi detailed. "The rescue teams are fully committed to supporting the search operation and ensuring its swift and safe conclusion."

Authorities have been in close coordination with the Japanese Embassy in Islamabad and the consulate in Karachi to facilitate the operation smoothly.

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