Who is winning from where, Provisional results by the election commission


Hyderabad: 9 Feb 2024: Following are the updates of election 2024 results by Election Commission Pakistan.
PTI wins: Toba Tek Singh NA-105
PTI-backed candidate Usama Hamza has won the NA-105 seat from Toba Tek Singh with 138,194 votes, according to Election commission.
PTI wins: from Mianwali, Bhakkar
PTI-backed candidates Jamal Ahsan Khan, Umari Khan Niazi and Sanaullah Mastikhail have won NA-89, NA-90 and NA-91 seats from Mianwali, Mianwali II and Bhakkar, respectively.
PTI wins: from NA-83 seat Sargodha
PTI-backed candidate Osama Maila has won the NA-83 seat from Sargodha II with 136,566 votes.
PML-N candidate wins NA-87 Khushab
PML-N’s Malik Shakir Bashin Awan has won the NA-87 seat from Khushab with 117,773 votes, according to provisional results released by the ECP.
PTI-backed candidate Omar Aslam is second in the race with 108,308 votes.
PML-N Win: Ahsan Iqbal NA-76 Narowal
PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal has won the NA-76 seat from Narowal with 136,279 votes.
PML-N wins Bilal Azhar Kiyani NA-60 Jhelum
PML-N leader Bilal Azhar Kiyani has won the NA-60 seat from Jhelum with 99,948 votes.
PML-N wins NA-56 Rawalpindi
PML-N’s Muhammad Hanif Abbasi has won the NA-56 seat from Rawalpindi V with 96,649 votes.
PML-N’s Raja Qamar Islam wins NA-53 Rawalpindi
PML-N’s Raja Qamar Islam has won the NA-53 seat from Rawalpindi with 72,006 votes.
PML-N win NA-50 seat Attock
PML-N candidate Malik Sohail Khan has clinched the NA-50 seat from Attock II with 119,075 seats, according to provisional results released by the election commission.
PTI-backed candidate Eman Tahir is second in the lead with 109,186 votes.
PML-N wins NA-47 seat from Islamabad
PML-N’s Tariq Fazal Chaudhry has won the NA-47 seat from Islamabad II with 102,502 votes.


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