All evidence are against Zahir Jaffar but why he is not being punished yet?


Karachi: November 16 ,2021: I came across one of the biggest horrors of our times last night when I randomly opened a footage and it was that CCTV clip of Noor Muqaddam's final moments. Where she is clearly seen jumping out of Zahir's house, struggling and being dragged back inside while the security guard shuts the door at her. I'm appalled! Shivering! How can the court allow media to gain access to the footage? All news channels played that video on loop, it's all over the internet! Was it not enough for Noor's family that they lost her that you impose the frightening reality of witnessing their daughter fighting for her life too? And even AFTER that footage, our courts need more time to punish that monster Zahir?? Are they waiting him to be proven mentally unstable?? Also.. There's a dialogue in PARIZAAD regarding "Maalik se wafadaari" and it's glorified when Parizaad takes responsibility of Laila Saba's murder while the culprit roam free.. YOUR MAALIK K!LLED A HAPLESS WOMAN BECAUSE YOU SHUT THE DOOR AT HER! There is no wafadari in it!! PLEASE DON'T SHARE THAT CLIP...
I want you and everyone to only remember Noor as the picture below- smiling, at peace, and full of sunshine. R.I.P Noor.

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