Champions of Baloch rights can ‘go and join the militants’, P.M Kakar


LAHORE: 3 Jan 2024: On Monday, Anwaarul Haq Kakar, the acting prime minister, expressed disapproval of the backing provided to Baloch demonstrators, who have been holding a sit-in in Islamabad for over a week, demanding the release of their loved ones and an end to extrajudicial executions in the region. The caretaker premier seemed obviously irritated as he spent more than 15 minutes of a 20-minute press conference at Lahore's Central Business District discussing Balochistani concerns.Regarding the people endorsing the demonstration in Baloch language, Mr. Kakar stated that they may go join the militants in that language.


He made reference to rights activists and journalists who were standing with the Baloch marchers when he said, "Those who support terrorists in Balochistan should go and join them if they are convinced of the truth of their cause and fight the state along with them, so that we know where they stand and how to deal with them."
asserts that those demonstrating are the families of "people fighting against the state" and challenges anyone defending Baloch rights to "go and join the militants."

The acting prime minister remarked in response to the media over the issue of police brutality against Baloch protestors in Islamabad that certain individuals, including members of the media, were attempting to “mislead everyone, turning themselves into fake heroes of human rights and damaging the state”.

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