Hollywood fearful of AI


New York: 24 May 2024: Executives told Reuters that penAI's apparent nod to the film Her, which features Scarlett Johansson's voice, is igniting a fresh wave of opposition to artificial intelligence in Hollywood.

Even as Hollywood studios test new tools and consider partnerships with OpenAI, Johansson's accusations that the ChatGPT-maker copied her performance in the Spike Jonze-directed feature film, after failing to reach an agreement, reignited the creative class's fear about the existential threat posed by AI.

"It appeared to really hit home," stated a business leader. It gives it a human face in a way. A well-known IT corporation has caused harm to a person in our acquaintance.

In February, OpenAI astonished everyone by producing videos that resembled feature films using their text-to-video tool, Sora. According to agents and industry experts, the company has since been met several times by Hollywood executives and agencies to discuss possible creative partnerships and applications of the technology.

According to people with direct knowledge who spoke to the media, Johansson's criticism of OpenAI for using a seductive voice that she described as "eerily similar" to her performance in the company's public demonstrations of the newest version of ChatGPT has enraged some entertainment executives and sparked talks about closer collaboration on projects.

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