Kintsugi highlight imperfections something broken is more precious and more beautiful


Hyderabad: 23 Jan 2024: 'Kintsugi' is an ancient Japanese art practice that beautifies broken pottery with gold. The word itself means 'the golden joinery'. In this art, a pot is shattered at first and then carefully reassembled using resin mixed with gold.  The general concept of Kintsugi is highlighting or emphasizing imperfections, that something broken is more precious and more beautiful, in the sense that it has a history attached to it which makes it real and valuable. 

Kintsugi symbolises how we must incorporate our wounds into who we are rather than try to repair and forget them.Japanese use gold, not invisible superglue because mistakes are not something you should conceal, they shouldn't be considered ugly. Broken pieces and their repair contribute to the story of an object; they don't ruin it.

Hence, Kintsugi celebrates the damage by showcasing it as part of an object's journey.

Authentic kintsugi items are very expensive as the repairs are usually done in real gold, and the process takes a long time. But you can make your own Kintsugi piece in an economic way by following these easy steps: What you would need: Apart from the broken pieces on which you would want to do the art, you would need a simple Kintsugi kit or the following items.

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