KP worst power cut: Fuss between Peshawar and Islamabad over power cuts in KP


There's a continued argument between Peshawar and Islamabad over power cuts in KP. The provincial government wants cuts limited to 12 hours max in any area. But this stance could hinder efforts against electricity theft, a problem where some areas don't pay their bills, causing losses shared nationwide. Many electricity companies cut power in areas with low bill payments, affecting even those who pay.

This happens in KP too, where bill-paying citizens suffer due to others not paying. Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur's strong response to the power crisis may please his party but might worsen the problem.

Instead of supporting protesters at power stations, he should urge people to pay bills and cut down theft. The KP government acknowledges the issue, recently discussing it with the federal government. Summer's arrival has heightened public pressure for a quick fix, though solving this complex issue won't be easy.

Gandapur suggests using KP's owed dues from the center to cover power costs, but the center's tight budget makes this unlikely. Both Peshawar and Islamabad need to resolve this. Meanwhile, protests disrupting the electricity grid shouldn't be allowed, as it's unsafe and irresponsible.

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