kylie Jenner lost all cute chubbiness, looked old and worn out due to fillers and Treatments


New York: 21 June 2024: Kylie Jenner Faces Criticism Over Appearance Amid Denials of Fillers. Kylie Jenner, 26, has found herself under intense scrutiny after recent public appearances led to speculation about her appearance. Critics on social media have suggested that Jenner looks significantly older than her age, with some comments even suggesting she appears to be in her 40s.

This criticism intensified after a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where Jenner, known for her typically heavy makeup, appeared without her usual layers of contour. Fans and commentators noted a difference in her appearance, prompting discussions about the potential use of fillers to enhance her facial features.

Despite assertions from Jenner that she has not undergone any filler treatments, public opinion remains divided. Some pointed to her earlier admission in 2015 about receiving injections to plump her lips, citing this as a possible indicator of more extensive cosmetic procedures.

Dermatologists have weighed in, warning about the risks associated with excessive use of fillers, which can sometimes lead to an unnatural appearance that exaggerates signs of aging rather than reducing them. Fillers, often composed of collagen or hyaluronic acid and widely available in beauty clinics, are marketed for their ability to add volume and reduce wrinkles temporarily.

Critics have underscored the need for caution among younger individuals seeking these treatments, as they may inadvertently achieve results opposite to their desired effect, potentially making them look older prematurely.

As the debate around Jenner's appearance continues, her representatives have reiterated her denial of undergoing recent cosmetic procedures, emphasizing her stance on maintaining a natural look.

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