Not all Heroes wear caps and Uniform, some are out on streets, protesting for Justice.


Hyderabad : 28 November 2023: It has been over three months, and yet the authorities remain far from resolving the tragic Aug 13 murder of journalist Jan Mohammad Mahar in Sukkur. Mahar, a respected senior journalist linked with a Sindhi-language newspaper and its TV channel, was ambushed and shot multiple times while in his car. A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was established on Aug 16 to probe the murder. Shockingly, in nearly 97 instances of journalists being murdered in the past 30 years, perpetrators have enjoyed almost complete impunity in 98% of the cases.

Nevertheless, the solidarity and collective effort shown by journalists and media personnel in advocating for justice for their colleague deeply moved me. Witnessing journalists burning the midnight oil to seek justice for their friend was heartening. Mahar, an innocent victim with no involvement in the issue that led to his tragic demise, was targeted solely due to his career and prominence. His death has left his two young daughters orphaned.

The dedication of those participating in the protests is remarkable considering their professional commitments, family responsibilities, and personal matters. Indeed its not an easy task to face opposition and hurdles, containers etc. Travelling back an dforth from one city to another an done district to another. That too not for oneself , not for the close family member but for coworker na dcollegue. It's astounding to see individuals like Mr. Ali Hassan, Khalid Khokhar, Jai Parkash, Lala Rehman, Mr. Iqbal, and PFUJ members working ,coordinating and standing there as unflinching supportof Hyderabad Journalist and PFUJ. Most of them are from modest backgrounds but wholeheartedly dedicating themselves to this cause, even contributing financially amidst challenging times of inflation and organising protest, and other arrangements. Jan Muhammad Mahar demise is loss a big loss, but this man has united us all. There is no you, and there is no me, its "US" now. More power to you Journo.

The contemporary world is often engulfed in relentless competition and tends to overlook the living, yet amidst this, these resilient journalists stand unwaveringly determined to seek justice for their fallen comrade. Their unwavering commitment makes me believe in the existence of altruistic and genuine friends and colleagues. As a journalist myself, it brings solace and assurance that even in the worst scenario, there would be unwavering support and care for me and my loved ones.

 Shout out to every individual who took to the streets and supported this cause; they are the genuine heroes, not all heroes wear caps and uniforms Bravo Journo.

Salma Soomro

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