Operation Marg Bar Sarmachar: Following an infringement of airspace, Pakistan attacks terrorist hideouts in Iran.


Islamabad: 18 Jan 2024:  Less than 48 hours after Iran breached Pakistan's airspace, Pakistan launched strikes on terrorist hideouts in the province of Siestan-o-Baluchistan, Iran, on Thursday morning. In an intelligence-based operation dubbed "Marg Bar Sarmachar," Pakistan carried out a series of "highly coordinated and specifically targeted precision military strikes," killing a number of terrorists, according to a statement from the Foreign Office (FO).

Important developments FO claims that action was taken in response to reliable information about Sarmachars' extensive terrorist operations. Three women and four children, "all non-Iranian nationals," were slain in an attack that targeted a village close to Saravan, according to Iran. Following Islamabad's downgrade of diplomatic ties with Iran, Pakistan launched strikes. Iran's airspace breach is being looked at, according to the caretaker minister of information.


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