Pakistani students stuck in Bishkek violence


Bishkek: 18 May 2024: In Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, there were violent attacks on international students, including Pakistanis, by a large group of locals. This happened after a video of a fight involving Egyptian students went viral on social media.

The situation got so serious that the Pakistani Embassy advised its citizens to stay indoors for safety. Five Pakistanis were injured in the violence, but fortunately, there were no reported deaths.

The Kyrgyz authorities took action to stop the violence, and some of the injured foreigners, including Pakistanis, were treated in hospitals and later discharged.

It's still unclear what exactly sparked the fight, but the Kyrgyz government labeled it as a "protest against foreigners." The Pakistani government has expressed serious concern over the incident, and the Pakistani Embassy in Bishkek has been actively involved in addressing the situation.

There are many Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan, totaling around 12,000, who are now being urged to remain cautious and stay safe amidst the unrest.

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