Sindh is the oldest and richest civilization, Information caretaker Minister Sindh,


Hyderabad: 14 Jan 2024 : Information caretaker Minister sindh Mohammad Ahmed Shah said in his speech at 9th HLF that 20 years ago the people in Karachi were killed in the name of language and ethnicity,so we started these festivals through art council Karachi and began it with International Urdu conference.

He announced Pakistan Hyderabad Literature Festival on 3rd 4th and 5th march on large scale . He said that Hyderabad was capital of Sindh in past and few decades in past there were ethenic violence in the city and the hatred and violence could be eliminated by the force of culture and power of literature because culture and literature are more powerful than political power.

He said that we can connect people through Shah Latif, Shaikh Ayaz , Ibrahim Joyo and this culture and literature is the first line of defense against the terrorism. We organised a literature festival successfully in sukkur few months ago and we are committed to expand these festivals to district level in whole sindh. He added

He said that Sindh is the oldest and richest civilization so we have to display this rich culture as our identification across the globe. The literary figures and sufi saints were the reformist and revolutionaries so we have to revive our glorious past of richest culture and civilization.

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