UN Secretary-General criticized Israel for the murders of Palestinian civilians


Palestine: 21 Jan 2024:  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has criticized Israel for the "heartbreaking" murders of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and stated that it is intolerable for the Palestinian people to oppose their right to become a state.

At the start of the G77+China conference in Kampala, Uganda, Guterres declared, "Israel's military operations have spread mass destruction and killed civilians on a scale unprecedented during my time as secretary-general."This is completely inappropriate and devastating. Because the Middle East is a "tinderbox," we must take every precaution to keep violence from breaking out there.

Following a 242 hostage-taking attack by Hamas on October 7, Israel besieges the Gaza Strip; Western allies support Israel's bombardment of Gaza; UN and organizations denounce Israel's onslaught against Palestinians; worldwide demonstrations ensue. Nearly 90% of Gaza population displaced while 1pc killed; 60pc houses flattened. Seven-day truce in Nov sees release of 105 hostages and 240 Palestinian prisoners.

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