Veteran comedian Umer Sharif admitted to hospital in Germany


BERLIN: 29, SEPTEMBER, 2021: Renowned comedy king Umer Sharif has been admitted to Germany's hospital after suffering fever owing to fatigue. 

As per his wife Zareen Ghazal, healthcare providers are conducting his medical tests. She further added that, all the arrangements are being carried out by air ambulance company. 

According to sources, Zareen had to spend four hours in police station for not having Germany visa. However, she was released after getting visa as per rules and regulations. 

A day earlier, an air ambulance carrying Umer Sharif left for United States for medical treatment. Sharif's wife was also present in the ambulance that is scheduled to reach US via Germany. 

Earlier, the departure of comedian for treatment abroad was postponed owing to his critical condition. He was shifted to critical care unit (CCU) and was kept under observation for 48 hours. (04)

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